Republica Roca Group, (RRG) is dedicated to urban development, construction and operational management, combined with sales/marketing professionals, who understand the complexities of delivering relevant and transformative solutions. Makes it easier to make the support ready to be assisted.

RRG Uniqueness has the aspect to achieve rapid and tangible value in real estate developments combined this in a more natural way when time, management, financials, and supply chain is to be dynamic with our world class partners.

Our goal on RRG is to deliver concepts that are new on the construction industry; creating designs developed by architects and engineers based on green technology, making us a sustainable option.

RRG has a new division in progress with the Oil And Gas sector, soon you will be able to discover the way we work with our global partners on heat exchangers and vessels for our clients in Mexico, The United States And Canada.

Contact Information: 

Rodrigo Garcia
Public Relations, Republica Roca Group

MEX: +52 1 (999) 368 9161

USA: +1 (281) 968 4434

CAN: +1 (604) 288 7334